Every Foreign Land  takes you along on an exciting journey of spiritual exploration and adventure as the author bicycles across North America followed by 17 years in Ecuador as a pioneer-teacher of the Bahá'í Faith. Stories, often humorous and thought-provoking, written in a flowing, easy style, will transport you as he travels to the Bahá'í World Centre and throughout Ecuador. 


"... couldn't put it down!" 
"... read it in one night!" 
"... very inspiring story!" 
"... easy to read style... good stories   
     to share ... it's really taking me  
     down my own memory lane..." 
"... found your story highly enjoyable  
     as well as informative and  

"John … thanks so much! I received your book on Saturday and read it immediately. AWESOME! Of course, since I know you, it was that much better. The first part really brought me back, inasmuch as I was born into a family of Jewish atheists! Anyway, it was a wonderful book and I enjoyed every page."    M. C.

"...'Every Foreign Land', a personal story of teaching, traveling throughout North and South America, meeting Hands of the Cause of the Baha' Faith, pioneering and working in foreign lands is a rich account exposing a gentle servitude, refreshing in its simplicity, profoundly felt and humorously expressed.  A most excellent adventure recommended to all and giving us old timers a pang or two of nostalgia.
Thanks John."
John Warner
It's like "Siddhartha" on bicycle! 

If you liked "Travels with Charley" or       "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", you will LOVE this book!
"... is pleased to let you know that review has been completed for your book manuscript, Every Foreign Land. ... We would pass along to you that reviewers found your story highly enjoyable as well as informative and inspiring, drawing quite a picture of that era in both the U.S. Bahá’í community and in the pioneering field in South America. Whatever ensues with respect to your plans to publish it, we hope that you will make the manuscript in some form available to both to the U.S. Office of International Pioneering and to the Ecuadorian Bahá’í community."

(anonymous, Oct.12, 2010)

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ISBN-10: 1492244112 
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